Tulip Suite - Room Detail


The Tulip's Rooms are thoughtfully designed to offer you the ultimate Suite stay experience while you stay at one of the best resorts near Pune & Mumbai. Your entry to the room surprises you with the magical view as the smart curtains rails unfold, offering the view outside. The striking interiors include a queen-size master bed, a wardrobe, a working desk, a 360” rotating smart LED, a mini fridge, and a spectacular bathroom, which also comes with a standalone bathtub overlooking the valley lakeside view from the glass wall-to-wall window.

There's an undeniable aura of elegance as the striking interiors blend with the timeless charm of the decor. Days and nights of ultimate tranquility become a promise as fresh luxurious linens on the master bed beckon you to plush comfort. Get a clutter-free and spacious environment that is highly conducive to your relaxation. Entertainment and innovation dance in perfect harmony as the amenities, including the large television, offer immersive viewing experiences from anywhere in the room. Indulge in the luxury of our service, where cravings are satisfied with in-room dining at any time of the day. Sink into the perfection of a bathtub amidst nature's best views yet